Worldwide Orphans Foundation

Shotojuku Demonstration

New York City • June 23, 2009

Shihan Kai Leung on top of NYC Penthouse

The Shotojuku Dojo was invited to perform at the 2009 Worldwide Orphans Foundation Fundraiser, held at a Manhattan Penthouse on Tuesday June 23, 2009.

Sensei James Luk

Shidoin Edward Nieto

Destiny Vergara

Recording Artists Dave Eggar, Sasha Lazard and Dina Fanai

Shotojuku Members with performing artists

Shihan Kai Leung’s Kakie

Sensei James Luk’s Sochin Kata

Dave Eggar (l) playing cello with Violinist Caitlin Moe

Recording Artist Sasha Lazard greets Destiny Vergara

The Shotojuku demonstration started with Destiny Vergara performing Bassai-Dai Kata. Shidoin Edward Nieto performed Unsu Kata. Sensei James Luk performed Sochin Kata and Kumite drills with Shidoin Edward Nieto. The demonstration concluded with Shihan Kai Leung and Shidoin Edward Nieto performing Kakie.

The Shotojuku Dojo had a great time performing for the Worldwide Orphans Foundation.

The vision of the Worldwide Orphans Foundation is to transform the lives of orphaned children by taking them out of anonymity and helping them to become healthy, independent, productive members of their communities and the world.