Miyazaki Karate-Do O.B.

Kai Workshop II Shotojuku Dojo • April 19, 2009

Master Toyotaro Miyazaki • O.B. Kai Workshop II

The 2nd Miyazaki O.B.KAI workshop was held on Sunday April 19, 2009.

Shihan Kai Leung covered the area of Karate History, Junbi-undo, Sonoba-Kihon, Kata Bunkai, Blocking Drills and Judging Kata and Kumite.

The O.B.KAI members had a chance to practice together in front of Master Toyotaro Miyazaki.

O.B.KAI members

practicing Kumite drills

Shihan Kai Leung demonstrating

a striking technique

judging Kata

judging Kumite

The 2nd Miyazaki O.B.KAI workshop, like the first one is well attended and a compete success.

We thank all those members who took the time out on a beautiful day to keep the tradition going.