Shihan Kai Leung's 13th

Traditional Karate Invitational Championship


New York City – May 2007

The spirit of Karate came to life during Kai Leung’s annual traditional Karate tournament. Over 400 competitors represented the Japanese and Okinawan styles of Karate.

The support of the East Coast Karate community and dozens of volunteers, referees and ring administrators made this another great martial arts experience.

Carlos Lora vs. Scott Albarella

Black Belt Kata winners

Youth Competitors

Grand Champion Awards

Special appreciation awards were presented to supporters of the Traditional Karate Invitational Championships.

Marika Watanabe 1st place Kata

Diana Londono 1st place Kata

Taiszcha Castro 1st place Kata

Jackie Soto 1st place Kata • 2nd place Kumite

We hosted over 450 competitors many internationally experienced tournament officials including World Karate Federation referees Shihan Cleveland Baxter (Chairman of the USA-NKF Referee Council) and Shihan Cedric Barksdale

Master Miyazaki awarding
Grand Champion Kata trophy
to Kassandra Cruz

Shihan Leung • Sensei Elbehiry
Grand Champion Kumite trophy
to Scott Albarella

Shihan Leung with special guests Shihan John McClary (KWF-USA) and Sensei John Loeber (ISKF)

Black Belt Kumite winners

We would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to the many instructors, competitors, officials, spectators and staff members for supporting and contributing to this event.

The 13th Traditional Karate Invitational Championship was a huge success because of the support by many of the top dojos from the East Coast.

We offer special apprecation to Shihan Georges Aschkar for his friendship and help in making our tournament a success!!

The 13th Traditional Karate Invitational Championship hosted over 300 youth competitors Destiny Vergara won two medals in her first tournament! We were also supported by over 50 staff members and close to 1,000 spectators in attendance.

Tournament set up staff
We want to thank the set up and clean up staff for their dedication and hard work in making our event a success. The 14th Traditional Karate Invitational Championships will return to Queens College on Sunday May 18, 2008.We look forward to seeing you again in 2008!