Shihan Kai Leung's 15th

Traditional Karate Invitational Championship


New York City – May 2009

Championship Poster

Shihan Kai Leung hosted the 15th Traditional Karate-Do Invitational Championships on Sunday May 17, 2009 at Queens College/CUNY.

Tournament Awards

The tournament is still one of the most well attended in the Tri-State area, considering the combine economic crisis of 2009 and the New York Swine Flu epidemic.

Twin Lion Dance

Kara Shishi Mai • Chinese Lion Dance

Teasing the Lion

The Tournament started off with a performance of Kara Shishi Mai, performed by Professional Lion Dancers from Mainland China. The Kata and Kumite matches were fill with a lot of action and below are just a few photographs taken during the Competition.

Ura Mawashi Geri



Tobi Mawashi Geri

Youth Competitors

Jodan Gyaku Zuki


Jodan Mawashi Geri





Aleksandra Prenkiewicz from Shotojuku Dojo

Adult Competitors

Alejandro Vetancourt and Edi Chacon from Venezuela Shotokai

Black Belt division Winners

Shihan Leung with Shihan Garrido, Doctor Gettinger, and Sensei D’Alleva

Sensei Caron Keppler and Sensei Elena Kaminskaia
The adult Black Belt divisions were large and started right after Kobudo. The Grand Champion for Kata was won by Shihan Victor Garrido of Venezuela and the Grand Champion for Kumite was won by Billy Finnegan of New York.

Kata Grand Champion Victor Garrido and his Daughter

Kumite Grand Champions Billy Finnegan
Billy Finnegan won the Kumite Grand Championship in 2003 and now again in 2009. Only Steve Tank, Ahmed Farg and now Billy Finnegan have won more than once at the Traditional Karate Invitational.

We congratulate them for winning the Grand Championship and they will forever be listed as Champions of the Traditional Karate Invitational.

Celebration Dinner Party
Once again the Championship was a huge success, because of the support from the top dojos in the New York Tri-State area. We would also like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to the many instructors, competitors, officials, spectators and staff members for supporting and contributing to our event.

We would also like to thank Stace Sanchez of Kickpics, Billy Bly of American Samurai Magazine and Sensei Elena Kaminskaia of Shotojuku for spending the time taking photographs of our event.

The 16th Traditional Karate Invitational Championships will return to Queens College on Sunday May 16, 2010.

We look forward to seeing you again in 2010!