2009 Miyazaki O.B. Kai Banquet

Queens Village NY • December 6, 2009

Antun’s of Queens Village

The second annual Miyazaki O.B.Kai Banquet was a great success a great spirit … OSU!!

Master Miyazaki with special guests
Master Terry Maccarone and Master Nick Aldler

Master Miyazaki with Senior Black Belts
Alvin Long, George Aschkar and Lucy Lora

O.B.Kai members applause Master Miyazaki’s speech

Master Miyazaki with O.B.Kai Executive Committee members

Master Toyotaro Miyazaki

Black Belts and guest

Over a hundred black belts and guest from five decades came together in tribute to Master Toyotaro Miyazaki.

Master Miyazaki and Shihan Kai Leung
with Carlos Lora, Lucy Lora, Elliott Rosenblatt, Nicky Kaminski and Elena Kaminskaia

Sifu Paul Vizzio and Shihan Kai Leung
with Caron Keppler, Paulino Rivera and Elena Kaminskaia

Master Miyazaki receive a gift from Master Art McConnell

Shihan George Aschkar announcing the winner of the raffle

2009 O.B.Kai Celebration!

We had a great time and looking forward to our next event together.

Master Miyazaki and Shihan Kai Leung with O.B.Kai Members

Shihan Kai Leung with raffle winner, Carlos Lora

DVD for the O.B.Kai celebration

Shihan Kai Leung narrating

Senior Black belt Alvin Long narrating

DVD of the good old days

O.B.Kai members

Checking out old photographs

Master Miyazaki with Senior Carlos Varon

Picking the winning raffle ticket

Master Toyotaro Miyazaki

O.B. KAI Slide show
We had a special slide show made in honor for Master Toyotaro Miyazaki.

Dai Senpai Bernard Pierce

Seniors Michael Rey, Mohamed Rahman and Carlos Varon

Senior Elliott Rosenblatt
The celebration started off with a welcome speech given by Master Miyazaki and follow by an introduction to the O.B.Kai by Senior Elliott Rosenblatt.

Dai Senpai Bob Najack

Dai Senpai Bernard Pierce, Bob Najoek and Art McConnell were invited guest of Master Miyazaki. They told stories of Master Miyazaki and reminisce about the old days of New York Karate.

Black belts John Duffy (Top) John Molinari, Robert Smith Senior, Tony Quagliata, Luca Dangio, Caron Keppler, Jerry DiCanio and Cindy DiCanio (Bottom row)

Master Miyazaki with Senior Richard Wilson

We the students of Master Miyazaki are very excited to see that Sensei is happy and well. We hope that everyone had a good time and look forward to our next event together.

Master Miyazaki with his gift from the O.B.KAI committee

Shihan Kai Leung presented Master Miyazaki with a gift on behave of the O.B.KAI committee.

Black Belts and guest
Over a hundred black belts and guest from five decades came together in tribute to Master Toyotaro Miyazaki.

Shihan Kai Leung with Shotojuku black belts James Luk, Adel Elbehiry, Jamie Paz, Nefeth Salazar, Martin Carrigy and Richard Niccolich

(Left back) Seniors Alvin Long, Mohamed Rahman, Stewart Jackson, Steve Gettinger (Front) Michael Rey and Kai Leung

Senior David Hunter speaking about his experience with Master Miyazaki
A few of the senior black belts that also spoke about Master Miyazaki was seniors George Aschkar, Mohamed Rahman, Michael Rey, Alvin Long, Stewart Jackson, David Hunter, Carlos Varon and George Guzman.

Miyazaki Karate O.B.KAI Banner

The first Miyaza success. We had it at Dante Restaurant located at 16-12 Union Turnpike in Flushing New York. The Restaurant is known for its delicious Italian food and was the venue for many of our black belt parties.

Black belts Peter Kito, Jaime Paz and James Luk
Beside the O.B. Kai committee members, many senior black belts came to honor Master Miyazaki like Mike Hatgis, Donnie Collins aka Mohamed Rahman, Alvin Long, Michael Rey, Paul Vizzio, Stewart Jackson, David Hunter, Carlos Varon, Murray Krinsky, Nixon Feliz, Charles Jardines, Peter Kito, Mike Farrington, and Tom Pressimone just to name a few.