Shotojuku Dojo

25th Anniversary Celebration
Sunday, July 29, 2007

Shotojuku Silver Anniversary • East Manor Buffet, Queens

Master Miyazaki and Shihan Kai Leung at Tokutai Dojo, c.1978

Shihan Leung’s Empty Hand Kata Shihan Leung’s Tuifa Kata

Shihan Leung’s Empty Hand Kata Shihan Leung’s Tuifa Kata

Shihan Leung’s Empty Hand Kata Shihan Leung’s Tuifa Kata

25 years have elapsed since Master Miyazaki sent Shihan Kai Leung to establish the Astoria Shibu Dojo. These 25 years have proved to be challenging and rewarding for all of us. We have all entered the dojo and contributed to the legacy of Shotojuku.

Shihan Kai Leung with his first Yudansha Dr. John Gallagher • Dr. Fritz Fidele, c.1982

Many have grown into adulthood. Some have become tournament champions. All have found the value of karate in their everyday lives. In recognition of this accomplishment, the Shotojuku family and friends are celebrating

Shotojuku Silver Anniversary • East Manor Buffet, Queens

Shihan “teaching” youth class!!

Shotojuku Dojo Silver Anniversary
Many students, friends and their families attended the 25th Silver Anniversary. A video tribute was played on the TV screen, showing pictures of Shihan and students over the 25 years in Astoria. The event started off with a traditional Lion dance to offer good luck to the celebration.

Shihan instructing adult kobudo

Lion Dance performance by Sensei James Luk

Shotojuku Silver Anniversary Video History
Shihan Leung receiving proclamation from Mayor John Degnan
Mayor John Degnan of Brewster New York a Shotojuku black belt made a proclamation to Shihan.


Whereas Shihan Kai Leung has committed his life to Karate-do and the tradition of Master Gichin Funakoshi,

Whereas Shihan Kai Leung has had a profound impact on thousands of students across the world teaching patience, excellence, discipline and self-defense,

Whereas Shihan Kai Leung’s teachings have spread beauty and light to all who have pursued the way,

To search for the old is to understand the new,
The old, the new
This is a matter of time.

In all things man must have a clear mind
The way:
Who will pass it on straight and well?

Master Gichin Funakoshi

Whereas Mayor John Degnan relies on the foundations for life provided by Shihan Kai Leung on a daily basis and thanks him from the bottom of his heart.

Whereas on the occasion of the silver anniversary of Shihan Kai Leung’s Commitment to the way.

Now therefore be it resolved: Mayor John Degnan of Brewster, New York, most enthusiastically declares Sunday July 29, 2007.

Shihan Kai Leung Day

Mayor John Degnan

Commemorative Awards was given out to all the special quests and yudansha (black belts) of Shotojuku.

Sensei James and Lana Luk

Doctor Gettinger

Sensei Don D’Alleva

Shihan Georges Ashkar

Shihan Leung handing out special awards to his quests and students

Certificate of commendation

Whereas you have dedicated many years to training in the art of Karate-do

Whereas such dedication is the expression of the true spirit of martial arts,

We are honored to present this certificate of commendation in recognition of your many years of dedicated training and in contributing to the success of Shotojuku.

Kai Leung Juku-cho

Martial arts demonstrations were performed by James Luk, Kessandra Cruz, Edward Nieto, Alexandra Ossa, Sebastian Acosta, Derek Santos and Irene Baras.

Irene Baras: Superinpei

Sensei Luk: Unsu

Shotojuku male yudansha

Sensei Jackie Soto and Terri Leung

Master Miyazaki, Sensei Luk, Sensei Rojas, Sensei Clemons

Shihan Leung, Sensei Clemons, Sensei Paz, Sensei Luk, Shidoin Nieto

Shihan Leung and female yudansha

Derek Santos, Edward Nieto, Sebastian Acosta: Gankaku


Shotojuku youth members

Shotojuku members


Shotojuku family and friends


Shihan Leung with Shotojuku yudansha


Shihan Leung with childhood friends Shotojuku members and friends at the anniversary celebration

Victoria Angueira sang a wonderful song for our anniversary

Shihan Leung with Senseis John Loeber, Edna Lima and their nephews Junio and Weverton

Shihan Leung, Shihan Aschkar, Dorothy Aschkar and Shotojuku members

Break dancing performance by Sensei James Luk

Carol Wang and Erik Engleman

Derek Santos, Kessandra Cruz, Sebastian Acosta: Superinpei Martial arts demonstrations was performed by Shotojuku black belts

Sensei Sean Smith and Carolina Cardozo

Shotojuku members celebrating our 25th anniversary. Being together was a lot of fun. The food, music and dancing was great at East Manor Buffet Restaurant.

Toshiyuki Ogikubo and James Luk

Kessandra Cruz and Sebastian Acosta having fun dancing

Everyone had a wonderful time and we just can’t stop talking about how much we care about our dojo. We look forward to our 30th anniversary and hope to see you then.

We offer special thanks to Sensei James Luk and Sensei Bernard Clemons for organizing this wonderful event.