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The primary discipline that we teach at Kai Leung’s Shotojuku is Kenkojuku style Shotokan karate.

Students at Shotojuku start as a white belt and work their way to blackbelt over a period of several years by taking classes where we teach them kihon (basics), kata (forms) and kumite (sparring).

There is broad spectrum of martial arts available for everybody to study today. Some martial arts are more sport oriented and others are more self-defense oriented while still others find some balance between the two.

Shotokan karate is a discipline of traditional Japanese karate that was developed from various disciplines of Okinawan karate for the purpose of making karate accessible to anybody and everybody.

The Kenkojuku style of Shotokan karate preserves some of the more traditional self-defense aspects of karate in kata (forms) performance.

At Kai Leung’s Shotojuku we also incorporate WKF-style kumite (sparring) in the curriculum. We help every student finds their own personal balance between the traditional and sport aspects of karate.

We help our students find focus, power and discipline of the mind and body. Come join us!