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James Luk

James Luk

James Luk started traditional Shotokan Karate training at the young age of 6 at the world famous Shoto Juku Dojo under Shihan Kai Leung. Over the last 20 years of continuous karate training, Sensei Luk has achieved the rank of Yon-Dan (4th Degree Black Belt) and has become one of Shihan Leung’s highest ranked disciples. Sensei Luk is an excellent technician who specializes in Kata (forms) and has been teaching for Shihan Leung since 2000. Sensei Luk is also a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu under Shotojuku and Renzo Gracie Black Belt Doug Pelinkovic.

In addition to Martial Arts, James Luk has been dedicated to the traditional arts of Peking Opera, Chinese Acrobatics, and Chinese Folk Dance. James joined the New York Chinese Cultural Center in 1996 to learn Peking Opera from Bai Ge (currently with Cirque de Soleil, Ka) and Chinese Acrobatics from Xu Tong Shan (Shanghai Dance Academy). Shortly after joining NYCCC, James was recruited as a guest performer and frequently performs with the dance company, Dance China New York (formerly known as New York Chinese Folk Dance Company) performing in all genres of Chinese Folk Dance and Peking Opera.