USA Karate 2012 Nationals
and USA Team Trials

Fort Lauderdale, Florida • July 2012

We congratulate our members Jackie Soto, Eric Soto, Ryu Watanabe, Marika Watanabe, Eva Josephine, Brandon Nakajima-Wu, Destiny Vergara, Emily Soto, Evangelos Akde and Aidan Lok.

Special congratulations to Eva and Marika for making Team USA!

USA Karate 2011 Nationals
and USA Team Trials

Arlington, Texas • July 2011

We congratulate our members Steven Holguin, Ryu Watanabe, Eric Soto, Christian Dittmer, Destiny Vergara and Aidan Lok for bringing home the numerous gold, silver and bronze medals from the 2012 USANKF Nationals.

Special congratulations to Steven and Ryu for making Team USA!

USA Karate 2010 Nationals
and USA Team Trials

Greenville, South Carolina • August 2010

We congratulate our members for representing Shotojuku, ISF and the NYTKL,
winning six gold, one silver, and seven bronze medals.

Gold medal winners
Destiny Vergara, Estafano Chavez, Ryu Watanabe,
Marika Watanabe, Sarah Caisser

Edward Nieto, Gerald Vergara (assistant)

We are very proud of our member's accomplishments!
Keep training and bring fame to our Dojo, Families and Friends.

2009 USANKF Nationals

Ft. Lauderdale, FL • July 2009

Destiny Vergara 2009 USA-NKF National Champion

Coach Edward Nieto with Shotojuku kids Marika Watanabe, Ryu Watanabe, Destiny Vergara, Sarah Caisser and Steven Holguin

Destiny Vergara and friends at the 2009 USA-NKF Nationals

Destiny Vergara competing in Kata

The kids from the Shotojuku had a raffle to help raise funds for the trip to Florida. The Shotojuku kids wanted to thank everyone for their support!

Picking the winner of the Apple I Touch

The winner is 6 year old Citlali Ponce

The Shotojuku also wanted to thank Shidoin Edward Nieto and Gerald Vergara, because of their hard work everyone came home with a smile.

2008 USANKF Nationals

Houston, TX • July 2008

ISF members and families at the 2008 USANKF Nationals

Jaqueline Soto Medal in Kumite

Sebastian Acosta performing Kururunfa

Sebastian Acosta (R) with championship Medal

Irene Baras performing Superinpei

Irene Baras (C) with championship Medal

Our Federation members participated at the 2008 USANKF National championships, held in Houston Texas.

Marisabel Molina, Irene Baras and Jaqueline Soto

ISF members at the 2008 USANKF Nationals

Our members had a great time and achieve a high level of skill competing at the USANKF Nationals.

Edward Nieto (R) against Adam Brozier

Jaqueline Soto with tournament officials
Shihan Jorge Decena (L) and Shihan George Aschkar (R)

Tournament Results

Shotojuku Dojo

Irene Baras(Open Kata) 2nd Place
Jaqueline Soto(Open Kumite) 3rd Place
Sebastian Acosta(Mandatory Kata) 3rd Place
(Okinawan Kata) 2nd Place
Edward NietoWe appreciate your participation
Latif LatifiWe appreciate your participation

International Karate Center

Ryan Portenoy (-76 Kg Kumite) 2nd Place
Scott Albarella(-68 Kg Kumite) 2nd Place
Joseph Collins(Advance Kata) 2nd place

Sunrise Karate Dojo

Marisabel Molina(-53 Kg Kumite) 2nd Place
(-53 Kg WKF Kumite) 2nd Place
Brian Ramrup(-60 Kg Kumite) 1st Place
Rejesh Ramrup(Open Kumite) 3rd Place
Omar Oudit(Open Kumite) 3rd Place
Felicia OuditWe appreciate your participation
Kevin StevensWe appreciate your participation

We congratulate our members for a job well done!

2007 USANKF Nationals

Charleston, West Virginia • July 2007

Shotojuku Federation members at the NKF Nationals

Irene Baras and Marisabel Molina with championship medals

Men's Team members at the Nationals

Women's Team members at the Nationals

Our Federation members competed at the 2007 USANKF National Championships and gained valuable tournament experience ... and had a great time!!

We all look forward to the next national championship.

Tournament Results

Shotojuku Dojo

Kassandra Cruz 2nd Open Kata
2nd Kumite Pan-Am Trials
Irene Baras 3rd Kumite Pan-Am Trials
Brandon Bhola We appreciate your participation
Nickoli Bhola We appreciate your participation
Tony Skuflic We appreciate your participation
Sebastian Acosta We appreciate your participation
Steven Holguin We appreciate your participation
Edward Nieto We appreciate your participation

Woodside Dojo

Alexandra Ossa 1st Kumite Pan-Am Trials
3rd Open Kumite
3rd Kata

International Karate Center

Scott Albarella 2nd Kumite Pan-Am Trials
2nd Kumite -70kg
Ryan Portenoy 3rd Kumite
Adam Miles We appreciate your participation

Sunrise Karate Dojo

Marisabel Molina 1st Kumite Pan-Am Trials
Brian Ramrup 1st Kumite Pan-Am Trials
1st Kumite -60kg

2006 USANKF Nationals

Fort Lauderdale Florida • July 2006

Nikolai, Carlos, Brandon, Sebastian

Tournament Results

Sebastian Acosta 2nd WKF Kata
Made the USA Team
Nikolai Bhola 2nd Kata
2nd Kumite
Carlos Lora 2nd Kilo Kumite
Made the USA Team
Brandon Bhola We appreciate your participation

Sebastian Acosta

Nikolai Bhola

Carlos Lora

Brandon Bhola