Goshin-Ryu Championships

Sensei Luis Ruiz


2nd Goshin-Ryu Championships
Corona, New York • March 7, 2010


The 2nd Goshin-Ryu Championship was held on Sunday March 7, 2010 at the Louis Armstrong Recreation Center in Corona New York. Sensei Luis Ruiz run a very well attended event and everyone had a good time.


Destiny Vergara with Shotojuku Team members Rebeca Rodriguez, Ryu Watanabe, Marika Watanabe, Sarah Caisser


Calixto Payan, Destiny Vergara, Estefano Chavez


Adam Ahmed with Estefano Chavez, Destiny Vergara, Juan Chavez


Sarah Caisser

Marika Watanabe

Steven Dittmer

Rebeca Rodriguez

We congratulate Sensei Luis Ruiz for a successful event and looking forward to 2011!



1st Goshin-Ryu Championships

Directed by Sensei Luis Ruiz
Brooklyn, New York • June 2009


Grand Street Campus School Gym


Sensei Luis Ruiz's First Goshin-Ryu Championship was held on Sunday June 28, 2009 at the Grand Street Campus School in Brooklyn. One of Sensei Luis Ruiz Instructors, Shihan Jose Jordan came from Florida to give his support. Many groups from the New York area came out to help Sensei Luis Ruiz.


Shihan Kai Leung refereeing Kumite


Shihan Kai Leung, Sensei Luis Rojas and Shidoin Xavier Lombana from the ISF came to assist with the refereeing. Shihan George Aschkar president of the NYTKL, assisted with the operation of the event. Chief Referee, Shihan Cleve Baxter, the head of the USA-NKF Referees Council, helped monitor the judging staff. Shihan Ramon Hiraldo and his Hispanic Referees Association came out in support of the event.


Shihan Kai Leung with little Champion Destiny Vergara


We congratulate Sensei Luis Ruiz for a successful tournament and looking forward to 2010!