April 2009 Workshop

Miyazaki Karate-Do O.B. Kai Workshop II

Shotojuku Dojo • April 19, 2009

Master Toyotaro Miyazaki • O.B. Kai Workshop II

The 2nd Miyazaki O.B.KAI workshop was held on Sunday April 19, 2009.

Shihan Kai Leung covered the area of Karate History, Junbi-undo, Sonoba-Kihon, Kata Bunkai, Blocking Drills and Judging Kata and Kumite.

The O.B.KAI members had a chance to practice together in front of Master Toyotaro Miyazaki.

O.B.KAI members

practicing Kumite drills

Shihan Kai Leung demonstrating

a striking technique

Shihan Kai Leung demonstrating Shuto-Uke and Kagi-Uke techniques



Shihan Kai Leung demonstrating original Karate



Shihan Kai Leung demonstrating the Bunkai to Heian Nidan



judging Kata

judging Kumite

The 2nd Miyazaki O.B.KAI workshop, like the first one is well attended and a compete success.

We thank all those members who took the time out on a beautiful day to keep the tradition going.