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Balance in Two Worlds

Martial Arts Meet Classical Music
Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center • Thursday, April 8, 2010

East meets West when skilled masters and students of Kai Leung’s Shotojuku Dojo from Astoria, Queens join acclaimed cellist/pianist/composer Dave Eggar and his quartet for Balance in Two Worlds, a matchup between traditional martial arts and classical music at Lincoln Center’s new David Rubenstein Atrium on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

Shihan Kai Leung and Shotojuku Dojo with Dave Eggar’s Band

Lara Diaz and Sensei James Luk

Balance in Two Worlds was presented in two parts: April 3 at 11 a.m. in an informal, behind-the-scenes program, featuring performance excerpts, demonstrations, questions and answers and audience participation, as part of Meet the Artist Saturdays designed for family audiences; and on April 8 at 8:30 p.m. in full performance, as part of the Target Free Thursdays series at the Atrium. The David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center is located at Broadway between 62nd and 63rd Streets. We had a great time performing with the amazing Dave Eggar and friends at the world-famous Lincoln Center.

Sensei James Luk perform Kanku-dai with Dave Eggar
Lara Diaz and Sensei Edward Nieto perform Seipai and Unsu
Destiny Vergara perform Bassai-Dai with Katie Costello, Dave Eggar, and Chuck Palmer
Shihan Kai Leung Perform Tensho with Sasha Lazard and Dave Eggar
Team Shotojuku perform Seiyunchin
Superinpei and Kakie
Ryu and Marika Watanabe perform Gojushiho-sho with Chuck Palmer on Taiko
Lara Diaz and Sensei James Luk perform Kururunfa with Dave Eggar and Band